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The world is getting crazier, even PC gaming has boba

Gaming PC with Boba drink in it? Is it posibble? The answer is yes. It is the Singapore-based PC company, Aftershock, who made this possible. Not long ago, they released a gaming PC inspired by Boba’s drink.

Boba is a Taiwanese specialty drink that is very popular these days. In fact, various beverage franchises now provide a special variant of Boba. This is also done by Aftershock. They seem to be aware of the popularity of the drink with the ‘pearl’ topping.

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Through their official Instagram page, Aftershock uploaded a photo containing a bubble tea-themed gaming PC. Of course there wasn’t a real Boba drink there. However, thanks to its visuals, the gaming PC seems to be able to quench the thirst of its users.

The presence of a water cooling system that includes a milk cooler and a replica boba is the cause. The replica is a system that can rotate like a machine that is making Boba drinks. Moreover, there is a specially designed packaging that resembles a real Boba glass.

Equipped with colorful LEDs typical of PC gaming, this Boba PC looks even more tempting, especially for Boba lovers. There is also a corgi dog motif glow-in-the-dark on the PC wrapped in those purple and pink glows.

So, what about the specifications?

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
  • Motherboard: GIGABYTE B550 Vision DP
  • Chassis: Aftershock Hypergate XL
  • Cooling: 7x LIANLI UNI fans
  • PSU: AORUS P850W 80+ GOLD Modular
  • MISC: Byski White Fittings, Byski AMD CPU Waterblock, EX-XTOP D5 Pump, EK-RES

Aftershock claims their innovation is a world first. They also explain that PCs have a cooling system so that your gaming experience can be more optimal.

Not the first

The Boba gaming PC from Aftershock isn’t the first gaming device to be entwined with food. Previously, the world was noisy because of the presence of the KFC game console. The console, called KFConsole, is powered by an Intel processor and has a fried chicken heater.

However, until now the fuss was nothing more than a gimmick. After all, what KFC does is a bit less ‘masyook’ because it’s a food company. It’s different from Aftershock because it’s really a company that deals with gaming devices.