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The history of EVOS vs RRQ at MPL ID, the El Clasico of Esports Indonesia

No one doubts the status of EVOS Legends and RRQ Hoshi as a strong and big team in Indonesia. Since MPL ID Season 1, the teams that faced them have always shuddered in horror. Even the duel between the two earned the nickname as El Clasico-its Indonesian esports.

Don’t believe it? Just look at history EVOS vs RRQ in a number of previous MPL ID tournament finals.

Their first meeting occurred in the final of MPL Season 2. At that time, EVOS was the seed. Because of this, they had just qualified for the final of the first season, even though they had to lose to NXL. In addition, EVOS is strengthened by top players such as Oura and JessNoLimit.

RRQ actually showed a performance that was not as good as EVOS in the previous season. If EVOS is able to advance to the final, RRQ only stops in the round playoffs. However, still, RRQ is a big team as well as one of the most popular in Indonesia.

No doubt that many are looking forward to the meeting of the two teams.

So, the winner in this edition was RRQ. Reinforced by players like Lemon, they performed well and didn’t give EVOS a chance to excel. In the end, RRQ was able to win, which also became the first MPL ID title.

Lemon, the mainstay of RRQ vs EVOS in the match later.

Meanwhile, this is a stifling result for Jess no Limit and colleagues because they have lost twice in a row in the MPL ID final. Then, people called them the ‘King Without a Crown’. A nickname that fits the status and fate of EVOS.

The nickname just came off two seasons ago. In MPL ID Season 4, EVOS won the championship for the first time.

What do they face in the final? RRQ. Yep, again EVOS vs RRQ. This means that EVOS not only managed to get rid of the nickname ‘King Without a Crown’, but also managed to get revenge on the rivals who had beaten them in the final in MPL season two.

This record is very interesting because EVOS did not go down with several stars like Jess no Limit in previous seasons. EVOS actually lowered a number of newcomers, including one of Luminaire, so that it made rooster they are fresher.

The rivalry between the two teams is even more obvious because in MPL ID Season 5, EVOS once again met RRQ. However, in the third meeting in this final round, it was RRQ’s turn to win. They beat EVOS with a tight score of 3-2 which also locked the second title in MPL ID.

They’re both down in MPL ID Season 7

MPL ID Season 7

MPL ID has entered Season 7. Like the previous seasons, many are looking for EVOS Legends and RRQ Hoshi to become champions in this edition, especially RRQ, which was MPL ID champion in the previous two seasons.

However, the performance they display is far from superior status. In the first week, RRQ was only able to win once, namely against Geek FAM ID. Meanwhile, against Alter Ego, RRQ lost 0–2.

Entering the second week of MPL ID, it would be a big mistake if you thought that the appearance of Lemon and his friends had improved. On the other hand, RRQ’s performance is still the same. They lost to ONIC Esports and could only win against Bigetron Alpha.

These results have temporarily stuck RRQ in fourth place in the MPL ID Season 7 standings. Below them, there is EVOS with more or less similar results. EVOS Legends has only won once out of the three MPL ID matches they have played.

Therefore, fight EVOS vs RRQ in the third week of MPL ID Season 7, Friday (13/3), it will be like a duel of two giants who are both limping. Of course, it will be very interesting to see how the game goes and results.


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