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Recommended Video Game Adapted Movies, Must Watch!

Whether a film is good or not, it must be seen from the response of the audience who has watched it. Media such as the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) and Rotten Tomatoes can be a reference to judge whether a film is good or not. These two websites can also be a source of information for those of you who are looking for movie recommendations.

Among these films, there are film adaptations of video games which are quite fun to watch to accompany your vacation. Yes, at least you can fill your spare time when you are on vacation.

After previously I made an article about the reasons for the poor quality of video game adaptation films, now is the time to give video game adaptation film recommendations that are good not so bad and still fun to watch. The following are some recommendations for video game adaptation films that you can watch:

1. Resident Evil (2002)

Of all the Resident Evil films that have aired, you could say this first film is the best. Indeed, from the first film alone, the storyline has deviated a lot, especially the main character who is not in a single game. However, this Resident Evil film presents a lot of exciting and tense actions from the main characters. Alice who is trying to fight the Umbrella Corporation who has done many experiments on her.

2. Wreck It Ralph (2012)

Well, actually Wreck It Ralph is not the title of the game that inspired this film. Ralph is a villain in the arcade game “Fix It Felix Jr.” which is usually on the platform dingdong if we call. Wreck It Ralph has a strong story base in the film. This film also tells how Ralph as the antagonist in the game becomes a protagonist in the film. This film is also suitable for viewing by all ages because it presents pleasing visuals with vivid colors.

3. Silent Hill (2006) & Silent Hill: Revelation (2012)

There are some of you who like movies withgenre horror and also like to play games? Silent Hill is suitable for you to watch together, you can do it alone (if you dare). One of the game titles with genre This iconic survival horror apart from Resident Evil is indeed a game that has many fans. The film is also quite good, the two Silent Hill films still manage to present a thick horror atmosphere with jumpscare ready to shock all the spectators who witnessed it. In addition, what makes it even more valuable is how Silent Hill maintains its iconic villain design like Pyramid Head.

4. Warcraft (2022)

Recommendations for the next film are certainly familiar. Who does not know this one game? This game can also be said to be an iconic game in Indonesia genre-his. Although this film received a lot of criticism by its video game fans. This film is considered to still present a slick touch. Stunning visuals throughout the film are also an added value for this film.

5. Angry Birds (2022)

Have you ever played “Angry Birds” on your smartphone or computer? Then watch the film. This film tells about Red, the red bird who has a problem with his exploding emotions. He, together with Chuck the fast yellowbird and Bomb the exploding blackbird, unite to fight the army of green pigs who suddenly come to their island and disturb the peaceful lives of the birds.

This film is also suitable for viewing by all ages. The scenes are family friendly and the cute depiction of the birds is also a plus of this film.

Well, that’s the list of recommended films adapted from video games. What is your favorite movie?


This article was written by Rizqan Alfarisi.


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