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Mystery Shop FF September 2022, when will there be more?

Free Fire players aka survivor busy wondering about Mystery Shop FF September 2022. This event has always been an event that players have been waiting for every month, including this month. Then, when will Mystery Shop Free Fire be back in September 2022?

What is Mystery Shop FF?

Mystery Shop FF is a Free Fire event that often provides many benefits in the form of attractive prizes for gamers. At this event survivor can get Free Fire content at super low prices. That’s why, so many are looking forward to this Mystery Shop.

The available content itself is usually in the form of skins, characters, and weapons. Apart from being in the form of units, the prizes often come in the form of bundles or attractive gift packages. Of course, you can get everything at a very cheap price. So, you will not spend a lot of diamonds.

Even so, players must understand that the Mystery Shop is not present every day. This event only appears at certain times on a regular basis. If you don’t know when the time will be, don’t worry because we will tell it just for you, as well as leaked gift bundles that you can get.

When Will Mystery Shop Free Fire Be Again?

free fire secret

Free Fire players are busy asking whether the Mystery Shop will be back in 2022. All these questions arise because they cannot confirm the schedule. The reason is, Garena has not provided any information regarding this matter.

Even so, there is a possibility that this routine event will be present in the near future. One that has been circulating a lot lately is Mystery Shop FF September 2022. Yep, reportedly will appear in September this year aka soon.

Based on the searches we did, many said that Mystery Shop FF will appear on 23 to 27 September. Unfortunately, once again, the news is still confusing so we can’t confirm the truth yet.

How to Follow Mystery Shop

If you don’t know how to join the Mystery Shop FF event, we will tell you how just for you. Come on, take a look!

Fill diamonds first

You must do this because the Mystery Shop is basically a paid event. However, the price is indeed much cheaper than normal days.

Enter the Mystery Shop via Free Fire

You only need to open Free Fire with their respective accounts. After that, not the ‘event’ menu and select ‘Mystery Shop’. Please follow the next step when it’s finished.

Follow gacha

Follow all the available guides and do the gacha right away. From here you can find out how much discount you get for shopping.

Start shopping for your favorite content

If you’ve done gacha, you can start shopping. Find all the items you want. All available prices have been adjusted to the amount of your previous discount.

Get the grand prize

In addition to massive discounts, you can also get attractive bonuses at this Mystery Shop. The key, you have to collect a lot of points first.

Mystery Shop FF giveaway leaks September 2022

The following is a sneak peek of the prizes that will appear in the Mystery Shop September 2022. Anything:

  • Prince Pink Bundle
  • Princess Pink Bundle
  • Incubator Voucher
  • Beaston
  • Laura
  • Purple Shade Bundle
  • Bundle Love In The Air
  • Captain Booyah
  • The Glacier Devil Hunter Bundle
  • Booyah (Limited)
  • Katana Swordsman Legends
  • Weapon Royale Vouchers
  • Cobra Guardian
  • Diamond Royale Vouchers
  • Love Char Box
  • Bundle Iron Bundle
  • Flower of Love
  • The Flashing Spade Bundle
  • Wilderness Hunter Bundle
  • Shirau
  • Name Change Char
  • Elite Pass Vouchers
  • White Shadow Bundle

That’s our information about Mystery Shop FF September 2022. Even so, it’s best if you wait for official information from Garena regarding the actual schedule of the Mystery Shop Free Fire.


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