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Make Kismin! These are Tips for Successfully Spending Money Through Games

Sometimes games can make people rich. Vincent VSGaming and Ari Veitsune for example. However, not infrequently you can actually spend money quickly through games. Especially, if you do things like the one below.

Buy PS5 when it’s expensive, then sell it for half price

Playstation 5 DualSense

When the PS5 was just released in Indonesia, the amount of stock was limited because many had already bought it. Some sellers are finally taking advantage of this situation to increase the price of the PS5 as high as possible. In fact, we used to check that some were selling for Rp. 15–20 million. Crazy!

Well, for those who have the intention of falling into poverty, you can try buying a PS5 when the price is high. If you need to bargain so that the seller is willing to sell at a high price. When are you going to bid on an item so that the price goes up? After that, you just sell the PS5 earlier for half the price. Guaranteed to be poor fast.

Buy the FIFA 21 game for the villagers

fifa 2021

On Steam, prices FIFA 21 the standard edition is Rp. 849 thousand. If you feel that the price is still too cheap, you can buy 10 seeds at once. Can you share it with your friends? Well, if it’s still too cheap, you can buy more. For all the villagers.

Suppose you buy for 50 people. Because each seed is IDR 849 thousand, it means you need at least IDR 42,450,000. Great, can get a reward. Moreover, it’s close to fasting, right?

Go to Japan just to buy PS4 Death Stranding cassette

Hideo Kojima, one of the figures behind Death Stranding
Hideo Kojima, the man behind Death Stranding.

In this digital era, you can easily buy games, whether they are physical or digital. Make a purchase Death Stranding PS4, for example, you just order at the online store or buy and direct download on the PlayStation Store. Just sit tight at home.

But if you buy it online, you only spend around Rp. 500 thousand or so. It won’t run out of money. Therefore, you can go to Japan just to buy the game. You can check the online ticket buying and selling service to find out how much it costs to be prepared.

Gacha continues every day at Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

Need Primogems for someone to do gacha di Genshin Impact. Primogems are in-game currency that you can get by exchanging real money. Although there are other ways, buying is the quickest and easiest way.

Well, you can buy as many Primogems as possible for gacha every day at Genshin Impact. If you intend, you can imitate what player esports league of legends, BeryL, namely by spending approximately Rp. 100 million for gacha in Genshin Impact.

Buy 120,000 diamonds in Mobile Legends to be like Sisca Kohl

Mobile Legends is still popular in Indonesia

Previously we had predicted that Sisca Kohl could buy 120,000 diamonds Mobile Legends worth Rp. 24.3 million to treat all residents of Pondok Cina, Depok. Because the number reaches 11,333 people, it means that each of them gets about 10 diamonds.

You can compete with Sisca Kohl by buying the same number of diamonds. If you want more, go ahead. We don’t prohibit it at all.

Those are some of our tips to spend money quickly through games. It’s just that, as stock brethren said on Twitter, do with your own risk. However, it’s better not to do it because this is just fun content. Hehehehehe 10x.


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