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Login Today MLBB To Get Free Uranus Skin, It's Easy!

Login Today MLBB To Get Free Uranus Skin, It’s Easy!

For Mobile Legends players, there is good news today because you can really get the Uranus Mobile Legends skin for free.

Even if you’re lucky you can get another free skin, it’s just a bit difficult to get it.

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So, for the first focus is the free Uranus skin that you can get with a span of 5 days if you want to get it for free.

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You can really get this skin much faster but of course it’s not free.

Lucky Draw Mobile Legends Event November 2022

Free Uranus Skins November 2021
source: Mobile Legends

To get this you just need to follow the steps below.

  • Mobile Legends Login
  • Not Event Tab
  • Select the Free Lucky Draw tab
  • Press Draw in the middle of the existing panel (maximum 10x a day)
  • Follow the Instructions (Usually Watch Ads)
  • You Can Get Skins If You’re Lucky (Maximum in the 50th draw)

It’s quite easy, the steps needed, especially if you only need to watch short ads.

With a maximum of 10 free draws per day, you are guaranteed to get this free skin belonging to Uranus in the next 5 days, but those who missed a day don’t need to worry because this event lasts 7 days (starting today 19 November 2022).

As you can see on the event page you can also get the Nana Elite – Slumber Party skin if you are lucky.

However, it is quite difficult because there is no definite number of how many draws you can get the skin.

What is clear is that you can definitely get Uranus skin at the maximum 50th draw, if you are lucky it can be much faster.

So, don’t forget to log in and draw, Spinners, because there’s no need for all kinds of missions, just watching ads. And you can get free skins belonging to Uranus MLBB.

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