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List of Best Survival Games for Android in 2022

Not inferior to MOBA games, survival games are also one of the best game genres that offer gameplay that is no less exciting for the players.

How to play this survival game is also quite simple. That is, you have to survive until the end of the game. You also have to face various enemies who are ready to take your life. Be it enemies from the computer or other players.

Survival games are not only available on PC or game consoles, but are also available for Android-based mobile phones. Even this series of survival games also dominates the sequence of game genres that are widely downloaded on the Google PlayStore.

Curious what the list of the best survival games for your Android phone is? Check out the full review below.

1. Life After

This game made by the developer Netease games takes the background of an adventure story against zombies. To win this game you have to crush the zombies with a variety of available equipment. Like axes, hoes to guns.

LifeAfter also presents an amazing graphic display. Until every detail in this game feels like real.

Therefore, it is not surprising that now this game has a lot of fans and players.

2. Last Day on Earth: Survival

Just like games LifeAfter, the game Last Day on Earth also takes the story of fighting against zombies. In this game, you are required to build a house, find supplies of food, goods and objects, and weapons to survive.

As long as playing the game Last Day on Earth You will also be carried away with a tense atmosphere, because you must always be aware of the appearance of zombies.

For those of you who really like games that stimulate adrenaline. Then the Last Day on Earth game is highly recommended for you.

3. Zombie Anarchy: Survival Strategy Game

If in other zombie games before you had to fight alone to crush the zombies. Well, in the game Zombie Anarchy: Survival Strategy Game You can have reinforcements from all the remaining humans scattered throughout the area.

Games Zombie Anarchy provides a choice of characters with different skills. Each of these characters you can then position in various places to fight zombies automatically.

4. Limbo

Initially Limbo was only available on the XBOX console. However, over time. The interest in this offline survival game is getting higher and higher. Until finally the playstation, pc and android versions of Limbo were launched.

Throughout the game you will meet various giant monsters in the dark of night. In addition, you also have to be able to solve various puzzles that are scattered throughout the game. When you have understood the answers to the puzzles that you have successfully solved. Then you will understand the secrets of the world Limbo actually.

5. Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition

Do you like games that require you to constantly be smart and rack your brain? If so, then there’s nothing wrong if you try the game Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition.

The visual appearance during gameplay is quite unique and special. Moreover, the characters built in this game are like 2D cartoon characters made of paper.

Even so, the spooky feeling with the threat of zombies and also the ghosts scattered in the forest are ready to make you feel scared.

It seems unfair if we don’t include Minecraft in the list of the best Android survival games in 2022. Seeing how popular this game was in 2022. Minecraft deserves to be the best survival game this year.

The Minecraft graphics are also very unique in appearance, because they have a design like the Lego world. Uniquely, you can build any kind of world you want by destroying the existing blocks. However, also make sure you are always alert to the appearance of various evil monsters that appear from underground and at night.

PUBG game, very well known as the most fun multiplayer PC survival game to play. Until the Tencent Games developer finally launched a special PUBG game for Android and iOS mobiles that can be accessed for free.

Just like the PC version, PUBG Mobile also has a similar gameplay. You must be able to survive until the end of the game with various enemies and opponents in one place. In addition, you can also play PUBG Mobile with 4 of your friends to fight the enemy together.

The thing that distinguishes PUBG Mobile from PC is the quality of the graphics it has. PUBG Mobile graphics feel much lower quality. Given the file size of PUBG Mobile, if downloaded, it is only 47MB.

That’s the list of the best survival games in 2022 that you should try to play to get rid of your boredom. Which is your favorite survival game?


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