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Jungler Users Must Know, Here's How to Counter Item Tanks in Mobile Legends!

Jungler Users Must Know, Here’s How to Counter Item Tanks in Mobile Legends!

In addition to the defense items used for counter item attacks, it turns out that you can do the opposite.

So, you indirectly counter the tank items made by tanks or support.

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Of course this is needed so that your damage remains large even though the opponent’s tank has quite a lot of items.

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Counter Item Tank

And this is the way to counter item tanks, you must use the correct damage or magic items.

Counter Item Antique Cuirass Bruteforce Breastplate

Photo via TeknoGeng

First, there are two defense items that focus on armor. Of course, the right choice to penetrate this defense item is to use penetration items such as Malefic Roar.

And the item that can penetrate high HP (given by Antique Cuirass and Bruteforce) is Demon Hunter Swords.

Blade Armor, Dominance Ice

Dominance Ice mobile legends

For the next item is Blade Armor and Dominance Ice, the same as the previous item, Malefic Roar can be very good for this counter item, because high defense can be penetrated with strong penetration. Of course, a large penetration is needed to penetrate this one strong item.

Athena Shield, Oracle, Immortality

Source Mobile Legend : Bang Bang

The next item is Magical Defense (except Immortality). Usually Mage will easily counter by using items like Genius Wand (reducing magical defense), Divine Glaive (penetration), and Glowing Wand (burn effect).

Effective enough to penetrate the magical defense and large HP of these items.

Radiant Armor

Radiant Armor MLBB
source: Mobile Legends

More or less this item counter is the same as before, namely additional penetration like Divine Glaive, and Genius Wand which provides an additional magical defense reduction.

But of course it’s easier to do burst damage when your opponent uses Radiant Armor.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s the tank counter item that you must know, especially jungler users who are often attacked by tanks or roamers at the beginning.

So that you can give maximum damage to the opponent’s tank and be able to give victory to your team.

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