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Introducing: EVOS Luna, EVOS' Creator Content Division

EVOS Luna – For EVOS, esports is not just about games, teams and pro players in it. There are a number of other aspects that are equally important as well as interesting to be developed further. Creator content is one of them.

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That’s why, recently they launched a new division that specifically accommodates content creators. EVOS Luna is his name.

EVOS launched the division on Monday (18/10/2022) WIB. This division is part of EVOS talent management. The goal is to participate in contributing to advancing EVOS itself and the Indonesian esports industry in general.

Furthermore, EVOS Luna is an initiative from EVOS to further strengthen EVOS’s position as the leading esports organization in Southeast Asia.
This division is also present as a space that aims to support the career development of each content creator in it.

Who are the members of EVOS Luna?

In the release that EXP received, EVOS stated that currently EVOS Luna already has four young talents. They will focus on playing and promoting the Free Fire mobile game, namely NotNot, Jessica Yulia, Cantiknva, and Senna Aprilia.

“EVOS Luna is part of the EVOS Esports family which aims to be a bridge or connector between EVOS Esports and a more specific target audience. In this case, the target audience is fans of several well-known mobile games in Indonesia.”

“In the future, this division will develop several programs that aim to support the career development of every content creator in it. Not only creating content but also by helping to build stronger relationships with the community and fans,” said EVOS Head of Esports, Aldean Tegar.

One of the talents of EVOS Luna, NotNot, also welcomed the presence of this new division positively.

“I am very happy to always be an important part of my favorite esports team (EVOS). It is hoped that through this program, I can become closer to fans and the community and of course to be able to develop more new content.
game content and Free Fire that are entertaining and can be useful for everyone,” he said.

Currently, EVOS Luna is intensely seeking and developing content creator in various other games besides Free Fire. The goal is to continue to reach out to various gaming communities and further strengthen EVOS’ position as one of the most popular esports teams in Southeast Asia.