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How to Win Streak Mobile Legends Solo Rank 2022, Guaranteed Effective!

How to Win Streak Mobile Legends Solo Rank 2022, Guaranteed Effective!

Win Streak is one thing you look for when playing in Mobile Legends. Because of course by getting Winstreak you will be faster to rank higher.

Of course you need powerful tips so you don’t fail, especially for those of you who are solo players. It’s a must to know.

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How to Win Streak in Mobile Legends Solo Rank

So, for those of you who are still having trouble with Winstreak, here SPIN Esports will share the tips, guaranteed to be effective.

Push at Recommended Hours

Toxic mobile legends

It is recommended that you follow some push times to avoid meeting players who are nub, afk, toxic and others.

For more details, you can just look at this, this is the Best MLBB Solo Rank Clock for the HEROISGOD Version, Can Make Win Streaks!

Use Mastered Heroes Especially For Multiple Roles

new skin paquito mobile legends
Photo via IG Abyssal MLBB

Master several important roles for solo rank, because you certainly won’t be playing just one role like when you are mabar. You must be able to master many heroes in several roles so that you can occupy many places when playing.

By playing maximally in the available roles, it is guaranteed that you will find it easier to get a win or a win streak.

Play Classic Mode First

Mobile Legends Classic Mode
source : Mobile Legends

Some other tips that can be suggested are playing mdoe classic, in addition to knowing the players who are playing at that hour. You can also check your connection, it could be lag again which makes your push rank an obstacle.

If you want to increase your rank, take a break first

Win streak solo rank
source: kang dimas tv

Usually one star of determination will take a lossstreak victim so you should take a break when you find a situation like this.

Continue tomorrow so that the atmosphere is more conducive and you can rank up and get a win streak.

Existing Meta Updates

The Most Effective Meta Mobile Legends

Meta is very important you know, if you don’t update you will certainly miss the heroes that are currently playing well. This will affect your game so you can get a win streak more easily.

That’s how to get winsstreaks for Mobile Legends solo rank in 2022. Let’s quickly rank up to Mythic.

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