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How To Get The Latest Free Epic Skin From Mobile Legends, Really Easy!

Here’s How To Get The Latest Free Epic Skin From Mobile Legends, Really Easy!

Welcoming the celebration of the M3 MLBB World Championship which will be held in the near future, MPL ID has surprisingly created a contest with free epic skin prizes.

The contest is certainly quite interesting and can be done by anyone because you only need to support the Indonesian teams that will compete in the Mobile Legends world championship.

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However, of course there are some special requirements that you need to do before you can enter the contest.

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Just Make Support Video


Interestingly, to win a cool epic skin from MPL Indonesia, you only need to provide a support video to RRQ Hoshi and ONIC Esports who will be competing in M3.

So, here are the conditions and methods that you need to follow to be able to enter the contest.

  • Follow the Instagram account
  • Make a support video for the team competing on m3 as creatively as possible
  • Post the video on your personal Instagram account (not private account) and tag ig
  • Use Indonesian chants and #M3Indo #MLBBM3 #IndoPride #IDownM3 in your videos and captions
  • The 10 most creative videos will be shown on M3’s live stream
  • The 10 winners will also get epic skins from MPL Indonesia

The announcement of the winner itself will coincide with the broadcast of the M3 MLBB World Championship so that it will be announced in December. Interested in trying Spinners?

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