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How to Get Free Tokens at the Starlight Fest Kagura 2022 Event

How to Get Free Tokens at the Starlight Fest Kagura 2022 Event

Starlight Fest 2022 arrived yesterday with a new patch. Of course, the players are really looking forward to the presence of the cool Kagura Annual Starlight skin that can be obtained from the event.

But did you know that you can get free tokens from the event so you can draw for free and win lots of free skins.

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First, make sure you follow the pre-order that has been there since yesterday, because it will give you free tokens.

Free Token Event Kagura Fest

Apart from pre-orders that you can claim on November 27, 2022 later. You can get other additions from the event that will also be present on November 27, 2022.

And here is the leak of the event.

Events Kagura Fest 2021
source: YT VY Gaming

You can get a lot of tokens from this event with the following details:

  • Game Login – 2 Tokens
  • Finish Playing With Friends – 2 Tokens
  • Top-up 25 Diamonds – 2 Tokens
  • Top-up 100 Diamonds – 10 Tokens
  • Top-up 250 Diamonds – 20 Tokens
  • Use 200 Diamonds – 6 Tokens
  • Use 500 Diamonds – 14 Tokens

Total free tokens 58 tokens (2 from pre-order) where you can use these tokens at the Starlight Fest Kagura 2022 event to get the skin if you are lucky.

Of course, this event will save your expenses to get the Kagura Annual Starlight skin which has this beautiful skill effect.

You need 400 Star Fest to exchange Kagura’s new skin.

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