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How to Get Claude's Epic Skin Using Battle Points, Limited!

This is How to Get Claude’s Epic Skin Using Battle Points, Limited!

In addition to Diamond, Battle Points are a payment tool that is often used to be able to buy heroes and attributes available in Mobile Legends.

Unfortunately, Battle Point itself has several drawbacks where the payment method cannot buy skins and stickers in the game.

Cheap MLBB Diamonds

However, Moonton itself this time provides an opportunity for you loyal Mobile Legends fans to be able to get the epic skin Claude “Blazing” Trace only by using Battle Points.

Therefore, here is how to get the epic skin using only Battle Points in Mobile Legends.

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Relying on Luck

ML 1

Unlike buying a hero whose price has been set to ensure you get the hero you want, to get epic skins using Battle Points yourself you have to rely on luck.

The reason is, the opportunity to get Claude’s own epic skin comes through an event where you have to exchange your 300 Battle Points with the Trial Card Surprise Pack.

You yourself can buy as many as 50 Trial Card Surprise Packs or which when added up, you only need 15000 Battle Points to get a chance to win Claude’s epic skin from Mobile Legends.

This is certainly quite tempting, considering that you yourself don’t really need a lot of Battle Points to have a chance to get that epic skin

In addition, if you don’t get the skin, you will also get a trial card skin for other cool heroes that can be used.

This event itself will last until November 17th, so try your luck, Spinners!

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