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How To Get Chou Dragon Boy Skin For Free From MLBB, Really Easy!

This is How To Get Chou Dragon Boy Skin For Free From MLBB, Really Easy!

Ahead of the Mobile Legends biggest tournament, M3 World Championship, Moonton seems to still like to give free skins to his fans.

The reason is, this time they will share skins that are targeted by Mobile Legends players, one of which is Chou “Dragon Boy” which you can get for free.

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Now to be able to win the skin, of course, there will be challenges that you need to do to win the cool skin.

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Only Upload TikTok Videos

Photo via Mobile Legends

For those of you TikTok users, of course this is good news for you because to be able to win these rare skins you only need to upload a TikTok video.

But of course not just any TikTok video, but a TikTok video with the theme of the Mobile Legends World Championship.

Therefore, here are the requirements and procedures so that you can get Chou’s skin “Dragon Boy” from Mobile Legends for free.

  • Post M3 themed videos
  • Use the hashtag #MLBBM3
  • Follow the official Mobile Legends account on TikTok

The event period itself has been running from November 25, 2022 until January 1, 2022, with the target of reaching 500 million #MLBBM3 views.

Later, after the target is achieved, the announcement of the winner will immediately be made with the opportunity to win rare skins ranging from Chou “Dragon Boy”, Lancelot “Royal Matador” to Odette “Mermaid Princess”.

Seeing the easy requirements above and the prizes you get are not kidding, of course you don’t want to miss it, Spinners!

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