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How PUBG Mobile Built a Dynasty in Just Four Months

The world knows many magical stories. It is said that Rakai Pikatan built Prambanan Temple in just one night. Tangkuban Perahu also stood and turned into a mountain at the same time. Even the Ancient Roman Empire was rumored to have been built in just 12 hours.

In the video game industry, the time required to develop PUBG Mobile we can also think of it as a magic story. Not overnight indeed. The game which is under the Tencent umbrella was worked on in a relatively short time for a game: Four months.

Did Tencent use the help of the genie as Rakai Pikatan built Prambanan? Of course not.

For those who don’t know, PUBG is a game battle royale which was previously only released for PC, in 2022. You will be on a desert island with 99 other players (100 players if you include yourself). His mission is to fight to the death until only one person is left.

Tencent wants to bring the fun of playing like that on mobile devices. The problem is, not many gamers have PCs, especially in China. Moreover, at that time the Chinese government banned access to Steam, one of the places to download PUBG formally.

“Many gamers in China don’t have access to PCs or consoles, but they still want to play games,” Neo Liu, Head of Games Publishing at Tencent North and South America, told reporters. polygons.

“Now everyone should have smartphone. So it’s a good strategy for us to be able to connect with a large number of users and, on the other hand, be able to provide them with the best gaming experience,” continued Liu.


When Tencent announced the version development plan mobile-In 2022, it was clear that gamers were immediately enthusiastic. Coincidence, genre battle royale it was hot at the time. This enthusiasm then triggered the development team to complete it as quickly as possible.

They collect top developers, while plans are being finalized. PUBG miraculously finished in just four months. When reminiscing about this moment in birthday celebration PUBG Mobile the second, last year, producer Rick Li still couldn’t believe it.

“It is mission impossible,” he said.

The feeling is not surprising. Working on games with graphics that are fairly okay for mobile is not easy. Moreover, Tencent wants PUBG can appear as close as possible to the PC version. The process is getting more complicated because they want this game to run smoothly device potatoes though.

“We needed to overcome many technical and artistic difficulties, including HDR lighting, ballistic trajectory simulation, and so on,” said Li.

Control is another matter. According to Liu, gamers can freely control their games via PC and consoles. PC has many buttons on keyboards, while the console has a controller that is specifically present to fit in the hand gamers.

Smartphone not like that. What they did then was to do a massive simplification.

“Due to limitations, a lot of optimization during gameplay. You don’t have to pick up items manually; You also don’t need to open the door manually. Next a lot of simplified controls, but that doesn’t take away from the fun of playing,” he said.

Today, PUBG Mobile has become a game with revenues of more than 1 billion United States dollars. The number of daily active users also reaches more than 50 million people with a total download of more than 500 million times. The esports scene is also developing super fast.

In this way, Tencent’s attempt to do a lot of simplification without taking the fun out of it seems to be working. And it all started with a development process that only took four months.


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