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Higgs Domino Dragon Formula: Quick Ways to Get 5 Dragon Jackpot

Higgs Domino Dragon Formula – The best moment when playing Higgs Domino is when you hit the jackpot. With the jackpot, you have the opportunity to get a lot of chips. Well, one of the jackpots that you can get is by playing the 5 dragon slot. However, you need to understand the Dragon Higgs Domino formula if you want to get the jackpot.

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What is Jackpot?

Jackpot is a surprise gift that you can get after you have won a certain game mode or slot while playing Higgs Domino Island. One of the most played slots by Higgs Domino players is the Fafafa jackpot.

Fafafa itself is one of the slots or game modes available in Higgs Dominoes. There you can get various types of jackpots with various prizes which are certainly very interesting. There are Grandpa Red, Grandpa Blue, and Girls jackpots.

Another slot that also provides attractive jackpot prizes is 5 Dragon. Like the Fafafa slot, you can get various attractive jackpot prizes if you win the game in the slot. Well, in this article we will discuss how to get the 5 Dragon jackpot.

Dragon Higgs Domino formula to get 5 Dragon jackpot

There are several ways to get the jackpot in the 5 Dragon slot using the Higgs Domino dragon formula. If you’re curious about how, here are the complete steps:

  • Enter 5 Dragon slot when playing Higgs Domino
  • Choose a table with a picture or symbol of 4 or more dragons
  • Place a minimum bet of 8M
  • Do spin manually 100 times
  • If you haven’t got the Scatter, do it again 10 spins
  • Repeat these steps until you get the Scatter.

How to get another Higgs Domino jackpot

As we mentioned a little earlier, 5 Dragon is not the only slot that provides large jackpots. You can also get the Higgs Domino Island jackpot by winning in the following two slots:

Fafafa Higgs Domino Slots

There are a number of tips and tricks that you can do to get the jackpot when playing the Fafafa slot at Higgs Domino. What are the tips and tricks?

  • Look for a good room in the Fafafa slot
  • If you’re confused, our advice is to choose the one with the Red Grandpa in it
  • Adjust your bet with the number of chips, at least 90K
  • Do a 10x spin three times
  • Use a spin speed app like X8 Speeder.

Panda Higgs Dominoes Slots

Panda Higgs Domino is also a slot that you can find while playing Higgs Domino. This slot is one of the popular slots in Higgs Domino, as well as other slots such as the 5 Dragon and Fafafa slots. You can choose a good room in this slot if you follow these tips.

  • Choose room two tiger heads
  • Use manual and automatic spins alternately
  • Installing X8 Speeder
  • Adjust the bet to the number of your chips, if you can only install the lowest bet
  • After getting Super Win, immediately look for a new room.

That’s our explanation of how to get the jackpot by using the Dragon Higgs Domino formula. Very easy isn’t it? Even so, it takes precision, perseverance, patience at the same time good luck so that you can get the jackpot you want. Without these things, it is impossible for you to achieve it even though you have done many tricks.