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Here's How to Take Laptop Screenshots to Save Your Gaming Moments

Take a screenshot or screenshots laptop become a practical way to store important and interesting things that you can save and view in the form of images. You can do that just by using a few keys on your laptop keyboard. The results of the screenshot will be automatically saved on your laptop device so it can be easier for you to find it again and it doesn’t take up too much storage power for the files on your laptop.

How to quickly take a laptop screenshot

If you’re looking for a quick way to screenshot a laptop, here are some ways you can use it:

  • Pressing the Printscreen Button

How to quickly take a laptop screenshot The first thing you can use to take a screenshot of your laptop is by pressing the Printscreen button located at the top right of your laptop keyboard, by pressing the button, you can take a screenshot in the form of a copy that you can copy on your Microsoft Windows laptop, after that you can save it in a folder of your choice.

  • Pressing Alt and Prt Keys sc sysrq

When you are using active Windows on your laptop, you can use the Alt and Prtscr keys on your laptop keyboard. The result of the screenshot will automatically be copied to the board clipboard and you can save it in microsoft word. This method is the most practical if you want to capture a laptop screen for your task needs.

  • Pressing Windows Key and Volume Down

The second is to use the button with the Windows logo image together with the volume down button, to take it you can hold down for a while during the image capture process, you have to press both buttons until the results laptop screenshots captured successfully and auto-saved in the screenshot image folder.

  • Pressing Windows Key + Alt + Prtscn

Then you can use this method as how to quickly take a laptop screenshot so you can save more time and resume your task or activity, the results of the screenshot using the Windows Key + Alt + Prtscn will later be saved on your laptop’s clipboard and can be copied into Microsoft Word.

  • Pressing Windows Key + Shift and S . Key

How to screenshot a full page laptop what you can use next is to press the Windows key, shift and S simultaneously. After you take a screenshot using this method, the results will be automatically saved in your laptop’s image folder, wow, that’s very practical.

  • Using the Snipping Tool

Unlike before, this time you can use your laptop’s default application, the Snipping Tool Application. You can open the application first to laptop screenshots, then you can click new to take a screenshot of your laptop. After that you can determine what you want to screenshot by marking the area with a red border. Finally, you can save the screenshot by pressing File then Save As and save it in the folder you want.

That’s our explanation of how to take a laptop screenshot what you can do. All of these methods are very practical to use, so you can have more time to get back to doing assignments or playing games. Meanwhile, if you want to know how to record a laptop screen, you can visit this article.


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