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Here's How To Get Free MCL Tickets Very Easily

For Mobile Legends fans wherever you are, this is the newest way to easily get MCL tickets for free.

Every once a week in the Mobile Legends game there is always a tournament that players can participate in for free.

This tournament is called MLBB Championship League or commonly called MCL which is present every Saturday night which provides many free prizes to players.

Cheap MLBB Diamonds

The prizes that you can get if you participate in this tournament and win are recal, stickers, borders and others that have the MCL effect.

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Regarding that, to take part in MCL itself, you need a ticket that you can buy with diamonds or get it for free this way.

Via the Squad Page

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The first way is from the squad page where this is the easiest way for you to just collect as many squad points as possible.

And if it’s full, all you have to do is claim it (a prize between mcl tickets and battle points), the condition for your squad points to be full is that the players in your squad must be active.

Through the Celestial Quest

free mcl tickets

First you open the daily reward menu and then to the Celestial Quest there you have to complete the daily mission first to get 8 keys which can later open the Celestial Quest chest.

When the Celestial Quest chest is opened you can get various attractive prizes and one of the prizes is a free MCL ticket.

From Mabar Friends

Season 20 of mobile legends
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The third or last method is very easy where you just have to have good mabar friends and have more MCL tickets.

You just enter the same room with a friend who has more tickets and when you want to start, your friend who has more tickets can give it to you for free.

Easy, isn’t it spinners? Just go ahead and play MCL mode right now! Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube our.