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Here's How To Get Free Hanzo Skins From Mobile Legends, No Diamonds Needed!

Here’s How To Get Free Hanzo Skins From Mobile Legends, No Diamonds Needed!

Wearing a skin when using a certain hero can certainly be an added value for you to be more wary of your opponent.

One of them is when you use Hanzo, this one assassin hero can be said to have a row of skins that make it even more scary behind his really deadly skills.

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However, for those of you who don’t have one of Hanzo’s skins, you don’t need to worry because SPIN Esports has a way so you can get the skin for free from Mobile Legends.

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Join Lucky Draw Mobile Legends

To be able to win Hanzo skins for free, of course, it is quite easy because you only need to take part in the lucky draw event from Mobile Legends.

As the name suggests, of course you only need to rely on luck to be able to get the Hanzo Pale Phantom skin for free through the gacha.

To do the draw, later you will be given the choice of either using diamonds or watching the available video ads.

Of course, for those of you who want to get the skin for free, you can directly choose the option to watch the video ad.

Besides the opportunity to win Hanzo skins for free, of course you also have the opportunity to get various other prizes such as Hero Fragment, Premium Skin Fragment, Magic Dust, Small Emblem Pack, Ad Ticket to Akai Summer Party skin.

The event itself will last until November 19 and every day you can get the opportunity to do gacha 10 times for free by watching the video.

This is certainly interesting to do because you don’t need diamonds or battle points to get these various attractive prizes. Interested in trying Spinners?

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