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Genshin Impact Map To Find Monster Locations and Chests

Genshin Impact folder is a map that is present in games or online games that are currently booming, namely Genshin Impact. This game, released by a Chinese company, is able to attract the public, especially visually and is attractive to young people. At this time you can download this game from various platforms, from Windows, iOS, Android to Nintendo Switch.

In general, you as a player will act as a traveler with a very interesting world. You will meet various characters and have their own strengths. One of the features of Genshin Impact that can help you is folder (map). This feature can help you explore to find what you are looking for in the available missions. So you will easily level up and have power throughout the game.

Good and beautiful game quality can spoil your eyes with a virtual world that feels like the real world. You will be faced with various obstacles that will come, with funny and diverse player characters. The cute character in this game is Paimon whose job is to guide you along your journey to play the Genshin Impact game.

This feature is very helpful in providing sources of information to find various resources that you can personalize. It depends on the resources that you have not collected or adjusted by the player. Therefore, as a player you must be smart and observant in looking for it.

Through this very interactive map feature, you can find monsters around, not only that, there are many other resources that you can find. When you want to search in genshin impact map, can tick whatever you want in Tevyat. Here are the steps for finding resources on the map feature in the Genshin Impact game:

  1. Open the website or link provided to access the map in the Genshin Impact game. For the full website, you can access it at google with the keyword “genshin impact map”.
  2. After you enter the website, you will enter the interactive map feature.
  3. The third step is to find the resource you want, for example: chest or plants. In order not to make the wrong choice, make sure the target is appropriate and you can use it to complete the mission correctly.
  4. The fourth step, you can use the features zoom in and zoom out to find the prey or resource you want. So that the search can be precise, check the featured, starting from: Anemoculus, Teleporter, WorldQuest, Geoculus, Statueof7 and Shrine. Then at the bottom farming route (beta), you can tick artifacts or monstersthen there is also chest, minerals, living, plant (plant). So you can search for resources in detail and according to what you need.
  5. The fifth step, if you find a suitable target immediately personalize or press the object with writing mark as found, provided that the email you use is the same as the one you use in the game. These resources function so that the mission can be completed properly. You can also find comments from various Genshin Impact users from all over the world. In order not to make the wrong choice, make sure the resources to be personalized are according to the criteria, ranging from type to level. You can adjust this to your game level achievement.

Genshin Impact map very helpful for gamers in leveling up, especially in finding targets or resources.


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