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Free Fire Max Review: Does It Already Have a Door?

REVIEW FREE FIRE MAXFree Fire Max is finally out. As has been heralded since the beginning, this game comes with animation and graphics quality that is much better than the standard version of Free Fire. However, is there already a door in Free Fire Max?

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Everyone knows that doors and Free Fire have been discussed for a long time. This is one of the drawbacks of Free Fire. This is also what is often the subject of ridicule by a number of gamers from other games. Moreover, Free Fire has always been considered a dotted 8-bit game that can hurt the eyes. Before that, you have to know the reason why free fire doesn’t have a door.

Now, with the Max variant which does have better graphics than the standard version, it is very natural for speculation about the presence of the door to appear. Even so, I didn’t find the door object at all after trying this Free Fire Max.

The reason Free Fire Max has no doors

Presenting the door only in Free Fire Max will be a problem for Garena. In video games, the door is one of the crucial objects that can greatly affect gameplay.

When you want to go through it, for example, you have to press a certain button first. You can also hide behind the door or even use it as a tactic when you want to attack your opponent. In this way, it will be a problem if Free Fire Max has it, while the standard version does not.

Apart from that, Garena had always had a clear reason why they didn’t tuck it in. They judge that the absence of a door can actually make it easier for survivor while fighting in the arena. You see, players don’t have to bother going back and forth to open the door.

The second reason is related to the urgency of the door. For Garena, the existence of the door is not very important because the focus of the game is battling the enemy to be the only one standing. Meanwhile, the third reason is to reduce production costs.

It’s not easy to slip the door

Slipping the door into any video game genre is basically not an easy thing. A number of developer Famous games even had time to complain about this condition via Twitter.

One of them is Stephan Hoevelbrinks. He uploaded a screenshot containing a question from a gamer through Discord about the problem of the existence of doors in the latest game, Death Trash. Through the screenshot, Hoevelbrinks also responded.

“Sliding doors in games is tricky and can lead to all sorts of possible bugs,” said Hoeverbrinks.

The claim that sliding doors is a tricky thing is getting stronger because of the many developer another replied. Co-director The Last of Us 2, Kurt Margenau, including one of them. He told me that it took a very long time to insert the object.

“Need skills which is great to be able to do it,” Margenau wrote.

In the article entitled The Door Problem in my box, Liz England of Ubisoft once revealed various considerations that developers should take into account when inserting doors in video games. This seems to prove that this is indeed a complicated thing.

There are at least 23 questions that according to Liz should be considered before entering the door. Some of them are ‘can the door be locked and unlocked’, ‘how do gamers open it?’, ‘is it just a step or have to push it?’, ‘what size is it’, how games tell the difference’, and others.

Stay tuned with exciting updates

Even though it doesn’t have a door, based on review We Free Fire Max still comes with various interesting updates. One of them is sound effects. In this edition, the sound of footsteps and gunshots underwent a drastic change compared to the standard version, although it was not perfect.

In terms of graphics, the changes are more aimed at improving the quality of animation and graphics rather than adding objects. For example, water zones and hills that look more realistic, then there is grass that seems to sway when stepped on by characters in the game.

If it’s for fun, you can even shoot certain trees and you’ll see fallen leaves from those shots. You can also see other changes such as animation when releasing parachute, reload weapons, to very basic ones such as crawling, running, and walking.

What’s interesting, it turns out that this max version does not demand specifications that are too high as previously predicted. I’ve tried it on smartphone Samsung Galaxy A50S. The gameplay is still very smooth and smooth, though settings all right.

However, that was it, you won’t find a door in Free Fire Max.

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