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Free Fire Game No Doors? Here are the Facts and Logical Reasons!

Free Fire or FF is often considered a game with no doors. Because of this, the game made by Garena is called a dotted 8bit game and various other ridicule. Even so, Free Fire actually has a clear reason.

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Oh yes, the gameplay of Free Fire is the same as PUBG and is included in the game with the battle royal genre. Free Fire itself turns out that apart from its low graphics, it turns out that this game does not provide doors in every building / house, in contrast to PUBG, where you can interact with doors such as opening and closing them.

This has become a debate for fans, even PUBG players make fun of and make jokes about free fire, one of which is “Why doesn’t the house have a door?”. Have you ever thought why the developer didn’t make a door in the game? It turns out that there are several logical reasons and facts why FF games don’t have doors. Here’s a look at the reasons why Free Fire doesn’t have a door.

Facts and Reasons Why Free Fire Game Has No Doors

1. Manufacturing Cost Saving

The developer saves money by not providing doors which makes sense because games with low graphics like Free Fire should have their budget focused on other more important things than having to fuss about doors.

2. Game becomes Light and Fast

By adding a door in the game, of course, it requires a decent amount of resources. Moreover, this Free Fire game is played on a cellphone, so to speed up movement and so it’s not complicated to open the door, it’s better not to have a door at all. Now if there is no door, then you will easily enter the house / building and immediately take shelter in it.

3. As a Differentiator from Other Games

In order to look different, therefore Free Fire does not provide a door in it. This makes sense because every battle royale game provides a door in each building. Maybe with the absence of a door in the free fire game, this has become an icon for the ff game itself.

4. Making the Door is Difficult

Not all developers are proficient in designing / implementing objects into their games. This is possible because making doors in the game is very difficult.

5. Minimize the presence of bugs

Sometimes the door object often makes the players stuck or pinched, so that this doesn’t happen, free fire prefers not to provide a door in the game so that something like that doesn’t happen.

That’s the reason and fact why ff game doesn’t have a door. Hopefully this information is useful for you and don’t forget to share EXP articles with your friends so that they are updated with the latest information.