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Exactly 2 Years, EVOS Legends Won M1 World Championship 2022 Dramatically!

Exactly 2 Years, EVOS Legends Won M1 World Championship 2022 Dramatically!

EVOS Legends became the first world champion in the 2022 Mobile Legends M1 World Championship world tournament.

It also happened dramatically where EVOS initially fell behind its opponent RRQ Hoshi in the event.

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EVOS won dramatically from team RRQ with a score of 4-3. Where RRQ had won 3-1 before.

The course of the match

evos legends m2 2020

The first game went very fiercely where EVOS was actually quite superior and got 2 Lords first from RRQ, but Tuturu’s Granger was very strong and was able to make EVOS difficult to pick-off. RRQ made a comeback with the help of the 4th Lord, 1-0 to RRQ.

The second game went limp where with a different pick, namely Kimmy Rekt, Chang’e Wann managed to overwhelm the RRQ team. It didn’t take long for EVOS to equalize 1-1.

Kimmy’s third game was used by Tuturu and as a result, RRQ could easily beat EVOS even though it wasn’t as smooth as EVOS in the second game. But the third time Xin used Harith in this match. 2-1 to RRQ.

The fourth game was fairly balanced at the start, although EVOS was superior in kills. And despite losing kills, objective is outperformed by RRQ. And as a result, RRQ won and won 3-1.

This fifth game, Wann got Harith, and this was the beginning of the comeback from EVOS in this match. And sure enough, it didn’t take long for EVOS to shrink down to 2-3 of the RRQ.

The sixth game became a turning point for EVOS to find a comfortable hero. Harith was dumped this time by EVOS and got RRQ into trouble when Xin played with Masha on the flanks. And finally 3-3 EVOS managed to equalize.

The seventh game was a moment of victory for EVOS where in this game EVOS played very well and was superior to the RRQ team. With the Lunox and Kimmy combo, they managed to beat RRQ who played with Gusion and Claude, 4-3 for EVOS.

That was a dramatic victory for EVOS Legends on M1 and made them win in a world tournament for the first time. It was dramatic because EVOS came back from a 1-3 position behind RRQ. Where one victory is actually enough for RRQ to win. Exactly today (17 November) 2 years ago EVOS Legends won M1 2022.

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