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Cheat Code: You Are Evil but Delicious

When Nokia was still at its peak, I had a favorite game. Snakes? Of course not. Snake may be legendary but what I like the most is Bounce (2002), a classic arcade game that puts us as a pile of red balls.

The task is simple. I just have to roll through and collect the yellow circles to open the door to the next level. There are obstacles that I must face: Water to sharp nails. In the beginning it was easy. However, the higher the level, the more difficult the obstacles.

At that point I will press the ‘787898′ button. Instantly the red ball I controlled was immune to all obstacles. Now, I just roll around until all levels are passed. How come? Because the button I pressed earlier was a magic code called cheat.

The existence of cheats is important because not all games are easy for me to finish. It takes a little hard work. It takes a lot of thinking. If you’ve ever tried to play Dark Souls III, You will agree with everything I just said.

Dark Souls, a game that makes emotions

Dark Souls is one of the hardest game ever. In 2022, The Guardian listed it as one of the 25 most difficult games of all time. A concept deliberately created by the creator. In fact, they wish people could not finish it.

Cheats have finally become the best solution for these kinds of games, especially for low-spirited, busy, lazy gamers like me. After all, if there is a way that is much easier and less stressful, why should it be difficult? Unless you’re a masochist.

But cheat codes are not just about trying to make it easier for me to pass level after level of the game. Using cheats can also give me a different game experience. In fact, it doesn’t appear infrequently gameplay unexpected things that seem impossible can appear without a cheat code.

gta san andreas mobile android cheats

When playing GTA San Andreas, for example, with the help of cheat codes I can make the streets deserted. I can try out various types of weapons and vehicles. Do you want to commit a crime without the police knowing? This can also happen through the help of cheat codes.

In fact, I think the most interesting part of GTA is the cheat code. I still remember playing GTA with some friends very well. When carrying out the mission the impression is bland. Everything became more fun when my friend started trying out the cheats that were deliberately provided by the rental workers.

Cheat codes GTA itself is one of the most popular and iconic cheat codes. There is also a game Contra which owns the Konami Code, Mortal Kombat with Blood Modeas well as Doom with God Mode. Its use is similar to GTA. Just enter a certain code then ‘simsalabim’, magic happens.

So, why is there a cheat code?

Well, basically cheat codes were created on purpose. It exists to help developers test their games. I guess so you can’t find it bugs while the game is in progress. It would be a problem if they couldn’t even pass a certain level during testing.

That’s where the main function of the cheat.

The problem is if the use of cheats occurs in the game on line, especially competitive ones. Usually, this often appears in esports games. say Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO)Fortnite, DOTA 2, Free Fire, until PUBG Mobile.

The publishers of those games will immediately take action when there is one player who use cheats. Remember Gordon Giry aka SF? He was blacklisted by CSGO because he was caught using wall hack at CS:GO. This cheat allows the player to see the enemy even if there is a wall blocking it.

dota 2

Some developers have even created special programs capable of detecting the use of cheats. This effort is important because in the first place, the game on line involve other players so that there is a potential for harm. Second, this is basically an unsportsmanlike act.

“When people play competitive games, they create the world in that game by mutual agreement: This is the goal. The rules are a kind of barrier so that we can achieve that goal,” said game designer Holly Gramazio, reported by The Guardian.

“So when you realize that someone is cheating, the mutual agreement will be disrupted,” he continued.

The motivation of people who use this type of cheat is also different. According to psychologist Corey Butler, the fact that they are present in games that involve other people is the basis. Because someone else was involved, there was a feeling of being able to get better.

There should be more ways fair. However, maybe because it’s too stupid, using cheats is an option for these people.

“We all want to look better in front of other people. Indeed, self-esteem is a powerful motivator in terms of social psychology,” says Butler.

So, if anyone asks whether or not to use cheats? The answer depends. If you use cheat codes in games that don’t involve other people aka single player, just fine. It’s different with games on line, especially competitive ones.

Even so, basically only poor gamers use cheat codes, whatever the reason.


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