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Can You Get Epic Skins from the M3 Mobile Legends Event, How do you do it?

Can You Get Epic Skins from the M3 Mobile Legends Event, How do you do it?

You can get an Epic skin from the M3 Mobile Legends event which will be coming soon. Where you only need to do some of these ways in order to get chests that can give you Epic skins.

Later you can do a quest where this quest will be reset every day, where you can do this quest to upgrade your chest to the highest level.

Cheap MLBB Diamonds

Because if you open a chest while still in a low tier, your chance to get an Epic skin of course will not work.

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Quest Event M3 MLBB

And this is the leak of the MLBB M3 Event quest later.

Quest Event M3 ML
source: YT VY Gaming

It is possible that this quest will be present together with the presence of the Roger M3 skin, which is on November 29, 2022.

You must be curious about how to get Epic skins from this event, now here SPIN Esports will explain further.

How to Get Epic Skin from Event M3

First you have to do daily quests and collect event points, each point you collect will fill chest points that you can not later become Epic skins. You can see below.

Epic M3 Skins
source: YT VY Gaming

So, you need to collect 5000 points to get a chest to V which contains Special and Epic skins.

Here is the list of skins that you can get for each chest:

  • 0 points = Normal Skin
  • 1000 points = Normal Skin, Elite Skin
  • 2000 points = Elite Skin
  • 3000 points = Elite Skins, Special Skins
  • 5000 points = Special Skin, Epic Skin

There are many ways to add chest points besides quests, namely voting for your favorite team, buying emotes using diamonds.

Who can’t wait to get a free skin from the M3 Mobile Legends 2022 event?

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