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Can Get Free Special Skins From Mobile Legends, Here's How!

Can Get Free Special Skins From Mobile Legends, Here’s How!

Mobile Legends has finally officially launched the newest arcade mode as another option from the mode, which is named ‘Boomander’.

As the name implies, this mode will match the commanders with bombs as the main tool for fighting.

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To celebrate the release of the new mode, of course Moonton himself has prepared various attractive prizes that you can collect just by playing the mode.

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Can Get Chou Special Skin for Free

Photo via Mobile Legends

After being officially released some time ago and attracting the attention of fans, Moonton himself has now prepared a special variant Chou skin that can be obtained for free for players who play this mode.

Like how to get free skins in general, you yourself must of course meet the challenges given by Moonton.

So, here are the challenges you need to do to get Chou Special skin from Mobile Legends.

  • Post a video clip regarding your Boomander mode on TikTok
  • Include the hashtag #Boommander
  • Don’t forget to write down your ID and game account server

This is certainly quite easy and interesting to follow considering the cool prizes that await you.

You can also join directly with other participants who have joined by just clicking on the link this. Interested in trying Spinners?

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