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Can Get Free Collector Skins From Mobile Legends, Here's How!

Can Get Free Collector Skins From Mobile Legends, Here’s How!

Welcoming the new month of November 2022, Mobile Legends again surprises their fans by this time ready to give various skins for free.

Starting from elite skins to collectors, of course you can get only by doing the challenges given by Mobile Legends.

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Therefore, here’s how to get skin collectors for free from Mobile Legends.

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Post MLBB Content on Social Media

Double 11 2
Photo via Mobile Legends

To get the opportunity to win various skins for free from Mobile Legends, of course there are some requirements that you need to follow.

So, here are the requirements as well as the challenges that you need to follow to win the chance to get a skin collector for free.

  1. Use the hashtag #MLBB1111 (don’t forget to include your game ID and Server ML-ers);
  2. Post any content related to MLBB heroes/skins/events on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/TikTok/VK in any form (images, videos, etc.) to participate in this event;
  3. Post screenshots or videos of the Double 11/Black Friday Carnival event for a chance to win bigger prizes.

These requirements are certainly quite easy to follow, considering that you only need to post content about the heroes that are available in the Mobile Legends game.

There will be 11 lucky winners

Double 11
Photo via Mobile Legends

Interestingly, the double lucky 11 event will select 11 lucky winners to be able to get various skins from Mobile Legends.

So here are the details of the 11 skins that you can get for free from the event.

  • 1 Starlight Member
  • 4 Elite Skins
  • 2 Epic Skins
  • 3 Special Skins
  • 1 Skin Collector

The prize is certainly quite interesting for you to get, interested in trying Spinners?

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