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Best Online Chess Games 2022 For PC & Mobile

Playing chess is highly recommended to hone brain skills. In addition to relying on concentration and ability to install various strategies. Playing chess also requires good time management skills. Because if you think too long to move the pawn. You may get a penalty or punishment. As the times progressed, playing chess could not only be played conventionally. But now there are also online chess games that can be played on PC or mobile devices.

It’s the same with conventional chess games. This online chess game has similar rules and gameplay. So you don’t have to be confused anymore to play it.

Playing chess games online can also be a solution for those of you who want to hone your chess playing skills while keeping your distance during the current pandemic season.

So, what are the best online chess games that you can play? Come on, see the following list.

1. Chess Free

You can download this chess game that has been downloaded by more than 50 million people for free on Google Play. Chess Free is a chess game application developed by developer AI Factory Limited.

Chess Free provides a game mode that is quite unique. The reason is, you can choose a single game mode with 12 levels of difficulty levels. In addition, there is also a multiplayer game mode that supports you to be able to play with friends, while for you a beginner. Chess Free also provides a chess tutor feature to help you install chess strategies.

Don’t worry, game chess free can be played on android devices only by consuming 24 Mb in size.

2. Chess Tactics Pro

Chess Tactics Pro looks different with various superior features. This game has 3 modes of chess playing tactics, namely daily puzzles, offline puzzle packs, and progress mode. So you can play it with the internet on or off though.

When you are good at playing chess. You can directly select the level advanced rather than level beginners.

3. Chess – Clash of Kings

Chess game made by Chess & Checkers Games is highly recommended for beginners. How come? This game offers features undo which serves to restore every move you have made before. So you can develop a new, better strategy. There are also features hints which displays information on which chess pieces you have to move in order to win faster.

Besides, games Chess – Clash of Kings also has 10 levels of difficulty that you can choose at will.

4. Lichess – Free Online Chess

The next best online chess game is Lichess – Free Online Chess. There are 4 game modes available in this game. Each one is fashion bullet, flash, classical, and corespondence. Another advantage of Lichess is that it can be played offline.

Lichess also provides 80 language options so that later you will find it easier to play.

5. Chess Friends

If you are bored playing the sims 4 or GTA game via PC. So you can try playing the game Chess Friends to overcome your boredom.

Chess Friends is a PC-only chess game application that offers beautiful graphics and an attractive User Interface. In this game you can also choose the game mode single player or multiplayer.

You can also set the time duration you want, you know. So you can practice playing a more mature chess game.

6. Real Chess Online

Developer AlienForce provides an online chess game for PC devices called Real Chess Online and a mobile device called Chess 3D.

Throughout the game you will be presented with a 3-dimensional chess display that is so attractive. You can also choose 1 player, 2 player and online game modes.

There are also features hint to make it easier for beginners to choose the appropriate chess pawns. In addition, when you play online mode. You can too chat with your opponent.

That’s the list of the best online chess games that can be an alternative game when you’re bored playing regular games. Which one do you like?


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