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5 Ways to Fix Mobile Legend Win Rate Easily

Did you know that the Mobile Legend win rate that is going down can be fixed easily? The following is how to fix mobile legend win rate.

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Win rate is one of the components that mobile legend players consider. If the win rate drops, it will certainly affect the player’s performance.


How to Fix Mobile Legend Win Rate

For gamers Indonesian mobile legends, so the win rate is very important. Because if the win rate is down, it’s not uncommon for players to use ‘backwards like’ mobile legends win rate cheats. Using the ‘backward way’ or using a bot apk is very unsafe to use.

Besides being unsafe, apk bot is also an illegal act that can harm your mobile legend account. Below are some easy ways that can be used to improve your account’s win rate, here are the reviews.

Choose a Professional Team

Easy steps you can take to increase the win rate or mobile legend player statistics is mabar with players who are already pros. If you are happy with pro players, the percentage of the win rate will be higher and can increase your win rate.

But if you use this method you also have to exert your best ability so as not to hinder the team’s victory. If you make a lot of mistakes during the game, your team may lose.

If you’re not sure you can keep up with a professional team, you can use it jockey win rate mobile legends.

Use Your Best Hero

After considering the team you will invite to mabar, then you need to use the best hero. The best here does not mean a hero that is often used by professional players. But it is the hero that you have the most control over.

Using the hero that you have the most control over will have a huge impact on the player. You will more easily control the hero and the playing field. You can maximize the hero you use to kill your opponent and destroy the enemy tower well.

This method is proven to be more effective because it relies on your own abilities. You don’t need to bother using apk bots to increase the win rate.


Use Hero Over Power

In addition to using the hero that you are most skilled at, you can also use the hero over power. This OP Hero can increase the chances of victory because it has quite a lot of damage. These OP heroes are usually the feared hero in ranked.

You can choose some of the strongest OP heroes like Lesley, Khufra, Pharsa, and many more. Also keep in mind that the OP heroes every season are sometimes not the same, so you can do a little research.

Play Classic

The third way that you can use is to play classic. This method is the easiest way for you to use because you have a greater chance of finding non-professional opponents. By fighting non-professional players you can win the game more easily.

Playing classic mode is not the same as playing rank. Playing classic mode if you lose will not reduce your performance and can increase your account win rate.

But even if you play classic mode, you still can’t play as you please. You still have to use the hero that you have the most control over and put your best foot forward.

Create New Account

The fourth way you can do if your win rate is very low is to create a new account. Win rate that is already at a low point tends to be difficult to fix. Even if you can, you have to put in a lot of ability and time to fix it.

Instead of wasting time, you can immediately create a new account and rearrange your win rate.

That’s 5 how to fix mobile legend win rate you quite easily. Try it right now.