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5 Ways to Check a Used Laptop, What to Check?

For some people, buying a laptop second or secondhand is a reasonable choice because the price is already cheaper. Moreover, laptops are electronic devices whose value is constantly decreasing. However, you need to know how to check a used laptop before buying it.

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Knowing this method is important because not all laptops second still quality. In fact, not a few used laptops are waiting to be broken. It will be a loss if you buy a used laptop like that. That’s why it’s important for you to know what to check.

In this article, you will find the easiest and most effective way to check a used laptop before deciding to buy it.

How to check a used laptop

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The main thing you should pay attention to is the specifications. Adjust the specifications of the used laptop you want to buy with the specifications you want. If you have, you just need to check a few other things that are also very important. Here are some ways to check used laptops:

1. Pay attention to the condition of the laptop screen

Whatever your purpose in buying a laptop, the screen is an important component that must be considered. The reason is, on the screen that all the activities you do will be visible. When you want to buy a used laptop, make sure that the screen is in good condition.

You can see if there are cracks or white spots on the screen. If the cracks can be seen clearly, the case is different with white spots. You can outsmart it by adjusting the screen brightness level to view the screen from various conditions.

2. Check the health of used laptop batteries

Like the screen, you also have to pay attention to the health of a used laptop battery. This is important because, firstly, batteries are quite expensive. It will be a little burdensome if you have to buy a new battery. In addition, there are some laptops that apply embedded battery technology so they cannot be replaced.

You can check the condition of the battery via the Command Prompt. Once open, type powercfg/batteryreport, then press enter. From there you will see the complete health status of your battery, whether it is still suitable for use or not.

3. Make sure the keyboard and touchpad work perfectly

The keyboard and touchpad are other components that are also important. This is a component that serves to enter various commands in the laptop. You can check the condition of the touchpad by touching various sides, double-clicking on the touchpad, then double-clicking on it.

As for the keyboard, you can check its condition via the keyboard checker site. On the site you will be asked to press the keyboard keys one by one. The keys change color when pressed—the indicator is visible within the site—if the keyboard is in normal condition.

4. Check the USB port and other input features

The next way to check a used laptop is to check the USB port and other input features. It’s also important for connecting smartphones to laptops, projectors, headphones, charging, and so on. You can try all the available ports and inputs when you want to buy a used laptop.

5. Check the condition of RAM and processor

Unlike the previous methods, checking the condition of the RAM and processor of a used laptop cannot be done by looking at the physical appearance. You need to do various tests to determine whether the used laptop you want to buy is in top condition or not.

For example, by opening a number of applications. Starting from standard applications that are not too heavy like Google Chrome to heavy applications such as games. You can also open multiple applications at once. These two ways are usually effective in showing how well a used laptop is performing.

If you want to see the performance in detail, you can take advantage of several sites or PC performance checking applications such as MSI Afterburner, CPU-Z, CineBench, Geekbench, and so on.

Those are some ways to check used laptops that you must know. If the used laptop that you want to buy does not meet the various standards that you can see through the methods above, you should not buy the laptop. Wrong, you even bought a potato laptop.