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5 Reasons PES 2022 Still Exists To This Day

We’re not going to lie: PES 2022 lags far behind when you compare it to the latest PES or FIFA games. Try playing PES 2022. After that, go back to playing PES 2022. The difference is very obvious. Even so, PES 2022 still exists today.

What caused it?


The main reason why PES 2022 is still widely played until now is its relatively low specs. With a 2.0 GHz dual core computer, 2GB RAM, and a built-in Intel graphics card, you can already play PES 2022 super comfortably.

You no longer find such specifications in today’s soccer games. The latest PES series requires at least 8GB of RAM, an Intel Core i5 processor, an Nvidea Geforce GTX 670 graphics card, and up to 40GB of storage to be able to play it. Woe to those whose computers are potatoes.

Simple and fun gameplay

The transition from PES 2022 to PES 2022 was terrible. Not only things engine which is undergoing changes, but also because the gameplay is completely different. Since PES 2022 which was indeed a failed edition, the gameplay is very complicated even though the idea is to present a realistic football.

PES 2022 is much simpler. We can easily master this game. Moreover, the statistics of players really affect their actions on the field. Even so, gameplay a simple one can still provide a fun soccer game experience.

Decent graphics

Even at a time when developers were able to make the grass move when stepped on, PES 2022 didn’t look too far behind. True, he is indeed less realistic. However, to call it bad graphics is a big mistake.

This old game is still able to display Lionel Messi’s face quite similarly and realistically or represent Neymar’s running style on the field. In fact, everything can be improved many times over with help patches scattered everywhere.

Big community

As a person who really enjoys PES 2022, I’ve joined several community groups for this game on Facebook. There may be three or four groups. Interestingly, most of the groups are still active with various activities.

The community is indeed one of the reasons for the longevity of PES 2022. Many people have fallen in love with this game, so switching to another edition is difficult. Partly because their computers weren’t adequate for the latest games, others simply because they were already comfortable.

Got lots of patches

The problem that is often faced by old games, especially soccer games, is the database of players and clubs in it. Due to the old edition, all the content in it will adapt. Fortunately, PES 2022 has a lot patches which makes it still relevant today.

On the community page PES Patch, PES 2022 is the oldest soccer game that still keeps getting updates. The player database is always updated every season, the club jersey is always adjusted, there are even some patches who can juggle PES 2022 feels like the latest PES game.


Konami has long since stopped their support for this one game. Even so, the five things above make this game still relevant and still exist today. New soccer games keep coming, but PES 2022 is still at the forefront.


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