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5 Interesting Things about Baal Genshin Impact

Baal Genshin Impact – Baal who is also known as the Raiden Shogun character began appearing in Genshin Impact in updates version 2.1, early last September. He even entered as one of the characters in banner updates that version. In this way, it is very clear what his status is in Genshin Impact.

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In terms of character design, Baal looks like an exclusive, interesting, and mysterious character. The main color is purple which is complemented by the clothes and sword of a shogunate. That then a lot of targeting this character when doing gacha, is of course very understandable.

For those of you who don’t really know who Baal is and what are its advantages, EXP will discuss it briefly through this article.

Who is Baal Genshin Impact?

baal genshin impact

Baal is the ruler of Inazuma along with his twin brother who is also an Electro Archon. Despite being two different figures, the two of them ruled over Inazuma as if they were the same person. That’s why their existence is full of mystery.

Moreover, when Baal died, his twin brother did not inform the people of the incident at all and instead continued to rule using his name. Despite the mystery, the public knows Baal as a figure who hates violence.

Character types, weapons and levels

Baal is one of the Tier S characters. This really explains how his abilities are in Genshin Impact. No wonder so many are waiting for his presence. Type support and DPS, this character will be more leverage if using a weapon with a Polearm type.

Have skill set the complete

Baal Genshin Impact has a fairly complete ability. As a character of type support, he has elemental skills with grades damage which although not as big as other characters like Hu Tao, can still be relied on considering his relatively rich skill set.

Apart from that, Baal’s complete abilities also make this character a multifunctional and versatile character. This way, you can rely on more than one roles.

Good support

The ability to charge a teammate’s energy effectively makes this Baal or Raiden Shogun a support very reliable. His Musou Isshin sword can radiate energy to other characters quite quickly. Only a few characters are able to do it.

So, what about the energy itself? Well, Raiden Shogun is able to compensate with the ability to charge his own energy effectively. The existence of a skill in the form of Energy Recharge is the cause. With all these abilities, Raiden is suitable to accompany characters who waste energy.

Baal’s Abilities and Weaknesses in full

Baal’s Ability

  • Provides high active and passive DMG.
  • Can recharge the energy of teammates and himself effectively.
  • Able to increase a teammate’s Elemental Burst DMG.
  • Multipurpose.

Baal’s Weaknesses

  • No cooking skills.
  • The Elemental Burst doesn’t work on all characters.

How? Interested in trying out Baal Genshin Impact?