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5 Interesting Notes for MPL ID Season 7 So far

The MPL ID Season 7 event, which has entered its fourth week, leaves some interesting notes. Some relate to specific teams, some involve individuals. Through this article, EXP discuss some of them.

Poor performance of ‘The King’

rooster rrq hoshi on mpl id season 7

RRQ Hoshi came to MPL ID Season 7 as one of the featured ones. Very reasonable considering the team nicknamed ‘The King’ is the champion of the last two editions. They even have the status of the team with the most MPL titles.

However, what we saw during the event was far from what we expected. Of the six matches, RRQ Hoshi was only able to win twice and lose four times. These results make them stuck in second from bottom.

EVOS Legends vs RRQ Hoshi

RRQ Hoshi vs EVOS Legends

If RRQ Hoshi is ‘Sang Only’, EVOS Legends once had the nickname ‘King Without a Crown’. So, the meeting of these two big teams is often referred to as el classico-its Indonesian esports.

In previous editions, EVOS matches against RRQ often took place in the final round. In this edition, they faced each other in the preliminary round with both not ideal conditions. The difference is, EVOS began to rise.

Alter Ego is invincible

Alter Ego in MPL ID Season 7

Since last season Alter Ego have shown their capacity as a champion challenger. At that time, the team strengthened by Udil was able to advance to the final round, although it ended in defeat at the hands of RRQ Hoshi.

In MPL ID Season 7, the appearance of Alter Ego is getting crazier. They even always won in five matches that have been acted. Nothing wrong with Alter Ego being the strongest candidate to win this season.

Wanna take a break

Wann's break is one of MPL Season 7's interesting notes.

In the middle of the competition, Wann suddenly announced shocking news. jungler The mainstay of EVOS Legends said that he would take a break and return to Pontianak for reasons that cannot be stated.

On Instagram, Wann has apologized to loyal EVOS Legends fans. Meanwhile, his position will then be replaced by one of Clover, Rekt, or the new star we discuss in the next section.

The birth of new stars

MPL ID in each season often gives birth to new stars. If last season belonged to RRQ Alberttt, MPL ID Season 7 marked the birth of Ferxiic, the new hero of EVOS Legends.

He made his debut against ONIC Esports in the third week. At first glance, his playing style is similar to Wann who decided to take a break from MPL. Moreover, the position is also the same jungler.

Those are some interesting notes presented in MPL ID Season 7 so far. Who do you think will advance to the next round and finish as champion?


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