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4 Things We Can Learn from Resident Evil Village

It’s been almost two weeks Resident Evil Village officially present in front of us all. Various positive reviews came. Metacritic give four stars, as well as IGN. So, is it a direct sequel from Resident Evil VII is it really that good? We try to review it through this article.

The story about the fathers getting angry is not stale

The essence of Resident Evil Village is about angry fathers. Our main character, Ethan Winters, wants to avenge the death of his wife and at the same time find the whereabouts of the kidnapped Rosemary. Like the fathers of rage, his actions are blind, against anyone he meets, even though it is scary like Lady Dimitrescu.

The origin of the story makes this game look stronger than the previous series. This seems to prove that the story about the angry fathers is not stale at all. Previously, we encountered this formula in other games such as Red Dead Redemption and The Last of Us to several films and series such as John Wick as well as Mandalorian.

Standing out in the trailer doesn’t necessarily stand out in the game

Lady Dimitrescu

Lady Dimitrescu immediately became a byword as soon as the trailer premiered Resident Evil Village release. Everyone was fascinated by the charisma of the tall, dangling vampire who became one of the antagonists in the game. People started comparing his height to other big characters. Then, memes scattered, along with the emergence of a series of cosplay.

Even so, Lady Dimitrescu’s popularity faded after the game was officially released. People actually talk more about another antagonist character, namely Karl Heisenberg. In this game, he is in charge of an industrialist who oversees a factory filled with crazy experiments. Like Dimitrescu, Heisenberg is also an extension of Mother Miranda.

Character map > broad map

resident evil village map

Item management is developed in such a way. This time it’s in the form of a mechanism crafting which is more complex. Of course, these items will be one of your weapons when fighting enemies, especially paratroopers boss. To get it, you have to go through every corner of the map which is relatively wide, much wider than the old series.

However, what stands out the most from the map Resident Evil Village not the range of the map. This game feels exciting because the map is very characterful. Each region has its own characteristics. For example, Heisenberg’s territory is synonymous with industrial areas. Interestingly, the enemies also adapt to their respective regions.

Resident Evil is still the number one survival horror game

Some of the things that are present in this game are not entirely fresh ideas. The presentation of character maps and stories about ‘fathers of anger’, for example, are very common in a number of other games. However, we will not feel something cliché when playing it. In fact, everyone present was very exciting.

in terms of action, this game is able to provide an exciting and tense gaming experience, especially thanks to the approach first person and the graphics are getting better. The story is also more weighty. In addition, Ethan appears as a person with more character. Of course, his background which is widely exposed and his status as ‘fathers of anger’ are the causes.

All of that proves that through Resident Evil Village, This game made by Capcom is still very worthy of its status as the number one survival horror game.


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