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4 Best Support Players in Mobile Legends

Best Support Player in Mobile Legends – Support is one of the role important in the Mobile Legends game. As supportyour job is to protect your teammates throughout the game.

Usually, support tasked with controlling jungler at the start of the game. With magic-based damage-her, a support can donate damage which is quite large in the mid to late game.

In fact, meta 2 support been a trend in MPL Indonesia S7 ago.

So important role this is in Mobile Legends, teams e-sports trying to get player support best to help sustain their game. Then, who are you? pro player which is predicted as player support Best Mobile Legends?

Vyn – RRQ Hoshi

Calvin “Vyn” is player support as well as the captain of the RRQ Hoshi team. Besides supportVyn is also good at playing the role tank in Mobile Legends.

Hero support mainstays include Kagura, Selena, and Eudora.

In MPL S6, Vyn repeatedly creates moments where he manages to “steal” Lord with his Eudora. He also managed to maintain turret last RRQ Hoshi with his Akai on grand final MPL S6. On his initiative to issue ultimate and teamwork, RRQ Hoshi won the title Back to Back Champion.

Fun factVyn was also named the Most Valuable Player MPL S5, you know.

Udil – Alter Ego

Muhammad Julian “Udil” is player support who plays for Alter Ego. Before moving to Alter Ego, Udil had time to strengthen ONIC E-Sports as a assassin.

Besides supportlately Udil also routinely fills side lane with his Hayabusa.

Hero support Udil’s mainstays include Selena and Pharsa.

One of best moment Udil occurred in the MPL Invitational Qualifier between Alter Ego and EVOS SG. In the last minute of Alter Ego’s victory, Udil managed to get Maniac with his Selena.

Udil has also been the Most Valuable Player MPL S3 with a KDA of 5/0/14, you know.

Drian – ONIC E-Sports

Adriand Larsen Wong “Drian” is player support ONIC E-Sports team. Since his first day as pro playerDrian is loyal to strengthen ONIC E-Sports.

Before joining pro sceneDrian diligently uses role assassin, especially Hayabusa. At the beginning of his career at ONIC E-Sports, Drian played the role of tank.

However, a reshuffle occurred in the team where he took shelter after MPL S3. A number of player just joined ONIC E-Sports and Drian switched role Becomes support.

Hero support the mainstays are Selena, Kagura, and Luo Yi.

Together with ONIC E-Sports, Drian won the MPL Indonesia S3 and MSC 2022 in the Philippines.

Clay – RRQ Hoshi

Player support This name is Deden Muhammad Nurhasan or better known as Clay. Prior to joining RRQ Hoshi, Clay had strengthened Genflix Aerowolf as a role the same, that is support.

Hero support the mainstays were Lunox and Luo Yi. Proving its filling ability role supportClay had also been Luo Yi’s Global Top.

His ability to give backup and damage addition as support could be one of the reasons behind RRQ Hoshi’s recruitment of Clay. The reason is, during MPL S7, Clay got Solo Kill and Triple Kill moments with his Lunox many times.

Genflix Aerowolf itself managed to get 3rd place in the last MPL S7. They managed to beat other big teams such as RRQ Hoshi, Alter Ego, and ONIC E-Sports.

That’s 4 lists player support best Mobile Legends. Keep in mind that this list is not organized by who is superior.

So, is pro player your favorite is on the list player support Best Mobile Legends?


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