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10 Strongest Heroes in Mobile Legends 2022, Suitable for Push Rank

The Strongest Hero in Mobile Legends 2022 – The most decisive thing when playing Mobile Legends is skills you yourself. However, not infrequently you need a ‘sick’ hero in order to achieve victory until you reach mythic quickly. That’s why, EXP will share a list of the strongest heroes in Mobile Legends 2022.

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The strongest hero in Mobile Legends 2022

Here are some of the strongest heroes in Mobile Legends that you can try. By using the following heroes, your abilities are guaranteed to increase.

Faramis (Support)

There is no hero as good as Faramis in doing resurrect the team hero who was eliminated at the altar. This hero is more interesting because it has damage which is fairly large for the size support. What’s more, Faramis can lock enemies in battle before killing them.

Khufra (Tank)

Hero with type tank is still one of the players’ favorites to this day. One of the strongest tank heroes that you can try is Khufra. Although not very popular, this hero has one skills which can make an opponent bounce just by hitting it.

Eudora (Mage)

When Mobile Legends was released, Eudora already existed. Since that day until now, this mage-type hero is still a favorite of players. His lethal ability in early and late game so one factor. In addition, this hero is suitable to be played for beginners because it is fairly easy.

Franco (Tank)

The strongest hero in the next 2022 Mobile Legends is Franco. As a tank-type hero, Franco has extraordinary resilience. No wonder this hero is often maximized to protect and support the movement of teammates. Moreover, Franco can stun opponents.

Benedetta (Assassin)

The Shadow Rangers. That’s the nickname of Benedetta, the type hero assassin which is quite popular. Its advantages lie in agility and damage-its high. Benedetta can also give effect blink which can be used for chasing and escaping. No wonder so many people use it.

Gusion (Assassin)

Like Eudora, Gusion is also an old hero. This one hero is famous thanks to burst damage and lifesteal-its high. If you are able to master it, you can even kill two to three opposing heroes alone. The problem is, using it is a bit difficult.

Selena (Assassin)

Selena is a Mobile Legends hero with abilities versatile. In addition to assassins, this hero is suitable for use as a mage or support. Even so, his natural type is an assassin. Selena has passive skills as well combo effective against two opponents at once.

Granger (Marksman)

As a marksman, Granger has the advantage of being able to shoot accurately with damage which is quite high. This hero also has fast movements so it will really help you win.

Kaja (Fighter)

From his appearance alone you can already guess what Kaja’s abilities are. Yes, one of the strongest heroes in Mobile Legends 2022 is able to attract enemies so it is very suitable to be used as a trigger for attacks. Although the damage is relatively small, Kaja can be fighter which is quite effective.

Lapu-lapu (Fighter)

There are so many fighter heroes in Mobile Legends and Lapu-lapu is one of the best. Although classified as an old hero, he has skills that you can really rely on. Especially in close combat, he is able to eradicate three opposing heroes at once.

That’s the list of the strongest heroes in Mobile Legends 2022 that you can choose. With these heroes, the chance to reach the level mythic become bigger. However, basically the most decisive thing is skills you yourself. Without skills which is okay, the heroes will be nothing.