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10 PC Games Without Microtransactions

You live in an era when many game developers try to make it easy, but at the same time make it complicated.

Well, nowadays, some developers allow you to download their games for free. However, you also seem to be forced to buy other necessities in their game.

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Purchase in-game such is known as microtransaction. Various forms. You can buy weapons, costumes, skins, premium features, to just remove ads.

Some developers even try to hinder the progress of the game. For example, area gameplay made limited. There is also a number of heroes that can only be played by a few. All that is done so that we always make purchases.

Games Without Microtransactions

Of course some people don’t like such a detrimental scheme microtransaction. Fortunately, some developer still willing to make games without or away from activities microtransaction. What games?

Deep Rock Galactic

Carrying FPS mode with mechanics co-op shooter, Deep Rock Galactic invites you to explore a planet called Hoxes IV. Your task is to mine precious metals and minerals as well as face the aliens.

Into the Breach

One of the best strategy game ever. The concept is a bit like Advanced Wars but more difficult. Here the earth is under attack by swarms of monsters. With time travel technology, you are tasked with saving the earth.

Stardew Valley

This is a farming and ranching simulation game somewhat similar to Harvest Moon. You will play the role of a farmer whose job it is to manage time, energy, and money to care for the fields as well as take care of livestock.

Divinity: Original Sin

games without microtransactions

At first glance, this game is a generic RPG because what they bring is no different from other similar games. However, what’s interesting here is the way they convey details, both from the story and the characters.

Half-Life Series

Consisting of several titles, Half-Life is considered a game that has a big role in the development of FPS. Here you will play as Gordon Freeman, a scientist trying to survive an alien invasion.

Portal Series

This is spin-off Half-Life so naturally be in the same world. This game centers on a woman named Chell who is forced to undergo a series of tests at the Aperture Science Enrichment Center by a gang of criminals.

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is an adaptation of the Cyberpunk series which was first released in 1988. It carries open world, in this game we will act as V and will explore an area called Night City.

Amid Evil

Those of you who have played Heretic 1994 will be familiar with this game. The reason is, it brings a dark fantasy theme and similar visual elements. In fact, this game is touted as the successor to Heretic 1994.


Northgard is a game that has gameplay similar to Age of Empires. Playing the role of a Viking nation, you can build a civilization, make transactions with other nations, and go to war.

Microtransaction Simulator

Microtransaction Simulator like poke fun features microtransaction which is currently widely used. Stylish clicker classic, you can spend money buying something or something, just like microtransactions. The difference is, no real money is used here.

Those are 10 games without microtransactions available on PC. Maybe it can be an option for those of you who don’t like the system.