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10 Countries with the Fewest Mobile Legend Players 2022

Countries with Few Mobile Legend Players – In Indonesia and a number of other Southeast Asian countries, Mobile Legends or Mobile Legend may be popular. But in other countries? Not necessarily. These ten countries with at least 2022 Mobile Legend players are proof of that.

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For developers, of course this is a loss. But for players, the lack of popularity of Mobile Legend in a number of countries will be a blessing in itself. Through this article, EXP will discuss the main things that make these conditions an advantage for some players.

Chance to occupy the Global Top Leaderboards

As one of the countries with a large number of Mobile Legend players, of course the level of competition will be very difficult. Likewise, the MMR is clearly high. Moreover, there are many good ML players in the country, including the pro players in it.

When detailed, the number of monthly active Mobile Legends players in Indonesia has even reached 34 million. Given that the total number is 90 million (as of August 2022), it means that more than a third of the distribution of Mobile Legends players worldwide comes from Indonesia.

This condition makes some players ‘move’ to countries with the fewest Mobile Legend players. Why do they do this? Because countries with a small number of players will have a small MMR. Because the MMR is small, the level of competition will be low.

In this way, players who moved countries earlier could achieve the title of Supreme Mobile Legends and even occupy the Top Leaderboards more easily.

Countries with few Mobile Legend players 2022

These are the countries with the fewest or loneliest Mobile Legend players in the world in 2022:

  1. Belarus
  2. Qatar
  3. Netherlands
  4. Kuwait
  5. Peru
  6. Thailand
  7. Egypt
  8. Vietnamese
  9. Ukraine
  10. romania

How to move countries in Mobile Legends

It should be noted that changing countries here is not a literal change of country. All you do is change or change the Mobile Legends server to another country. To do this, you can use the following tricks:

  • Using VPN
  • Using Fake GPS

That’s our explanation of ten countries with a few Mobile Legend players in 2022. Of course there are many other countries. You can find out for yourself. However, you should not take advantage of this condition to occupy the Global Top because it can tarnish sportsmanship. Especially if it comes to using an illegal VPN, Hehehe.