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Phemex online trading apps

Phemex cryptocurrency trading program is named optimistically by the Greek Goddess of fame and good repute Pheme. It is one of the newer crypto derivative exchanges on the market. While everything around it looks and sounds appealing, Phemex still has things to prove.

This Phemex review will focus on explaining how the program works, is it safe to use and is the company behind Phemex lezat?

The program advertises itself as the fastest cryptocurrency derivatives exchange and has entered with confidence into the financial market.

What is Phemex?

Phemex was founded on Nov 25th 2019., in Singapura, and is owned by Phemex Financial Pte. Ltd.

Their stated goal is to become the world’ s most trustworthy cryptocurrency derivatives trading program while maintaining the user- oriented approach. The company is of- shore, registered in the British Virgin Islands, like many other similar crypto companies. The reasons for this are mostly business related– looser regulatory standards and much lower tax rates. In short time, Phemex attracted berlebihan 50, 000 new users and records more than$700 million of daily trading daya muat which puts it among the maksimum 10 derivative exchanges on the Coinmarketcap rankings.

Phemex team
  • Jack Tao, CEO

  • Yang Du, Trading System Architect

  • Cecilia Wang, Head of Marketing

  • Federico Variola, Security and Strategy Consultant

This is a respectable team, consisting of former Morgan Stanley executives with proven track records in the financial world. Phemex currently has a team of 40 employees and is recruiting new staff as we speak. They have already won the public sympathies by donating 10, 000 face masks during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Phemex user interface

The homepage, phemex. com is a challenge for your eyes, thanks to the bright white latar belakang. Other than that, it is clear cut and intuitive.

Implementing their user- oriented approach, they decided to go with the modular design for the charts and trading tools.
You can choose from 5 different languages with a plan to add more world languages as their usebase grows.

All the standard trading tools are available, and the number of indicators per chart is unlimited. Users can adjust the program to their desired preferences, and also there is a demo- trading option, for an easy inside view of all the Phemex options without adding any funds. However, some parts aren’ t fully customizable, for instance, time frames on the trading view chart.

Overall, Phemex comes with a nice interface solution, similar to most of the platforms. Traders with questionable internet speed will surely appreciate the ping alat pemantau, displayed at the bottom left corner of the UI.

Phemex trading program latar belakang is comprised of two core components: the CrossEngine and TradingEngine, in which it matches klien orders based on price and time priority. Their CrossEngine is designed to handle 300, 000 TPS, with the response time less than 1 millisecond.